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How it works:


Our customers send in their bespoke order details, including the design they would like printed or embroidered and one of our fully trained graphic designers will digitize the file. We are able to work from any file format our customers send in, so as soon as we receive your file and digitize the content, we will send back a mock-up of your product to make sure you are fully satisfied before beginning production.

As a family run business for over 30 years, we understand the importance of great customer communication and satisfaction. That is why we make sure we get 100% customer approval before proceeding with producing your clothing. Once we have the full support and satisfaction of the customer, we then begin our production work. We offer both printed and embroidered designs to suit all forms of clothing. Our high-quality work will be delivered directly to the customer within 1-4 weeks of design approval.



Hagley Sports is a close-knit family team and like many other family businesses, we understand the huge importance of using locally sourced labour and fabrics. As an in-house embroidery and printing facility, we are dedicated to using only the finest and economically resourced products available. Not only does this allow us to continue to contribute to the local and national economy, it also drives down our carbon footprint. At Hagley Sports, we believe the planet, as well as future generations should be the priority, not just for the future of our company, but for the entire world.



We strongly believe that local, family run businesses not only take more pride in the work they produce than huge corporations, they also offer a greater customer service experience. We take enormous pride in being hands on and always being available to talk with our customers. Hagley Sports continues to invest heavily in the state of the art machinery to ensure our business stays at the forefront of the industry and so the best quality products leave our facility every time. Our family run business, including our in-house expert embroiders, promise that every item we produce is made with love, care and the fullest attention to detail.