Embroidered Workwear | Hagley Sports
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Embroidered Workwear

Bespoke workwear branding and embroidery across the UK

At Hagley Sports, our in-house embroidery specialists create custom designs and workwear embroidery to keep your team on-brand while they work. Contact us for more details.

Professional embroidery services for your workwear

If you are looking to provide quality, branded workwear for your team, our workwear embroidery services are just what you need. Hagley Sports has been providing exceptional embroidered workwear since the 1980s from the Midlands, offering our services across the UK.

Our workwear embroidery solutions cover all types of design and uniforms, from aprons to tabards and everything in between. We make sure that all work is completed to the highest standards and every piece of embroidery leaves our site in top quality condition.

Transforming digital designs into quality embroidery

Our embroidery solutions at Hagley Sports use quality, UK-sourced fabrics, and materials as well as innovative machinery to create embroidered branding that is designed to last. Our specialists are qualified to digitise your logos and branding before bringing them to life with stitch-perfect embroidery. We guarantee a superior look, feel and quality of branding with our embroidered workwear services at Hagley Sports.

Innovative embroidery solutions made in Britain

We are a family-run business at Hagley Sports, so we care about our reputation and the legacy we will leave behind. That is why we strive to provide an innovative solution to your needs by driving innovation from our workshop in Lye.

We use the latest machinery and cutting-edge techniques to create intricate designs that are designed to stand the test of time. No matter how rough you are with your workwear, our embroidery will take the hit and still look attractive and professional. Stay on-brand with our embroidery solutions at Hagley Sports today.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our services at Hagley Sports, or to discuss your requirements.